Sound The Alarm

April 28 - May 13, 2018
Project Hero and the American Red Cross have established a new national partnership and we need your help! This is a partnership that makes a lot of sense as we both work to make veterans’ lives “a little better!” Project Hero is building a strong relationship with the American Red Cross and your participation is highly encouraged.

The American Red Cross is running a campaign to help keep homes safer this year called "Sound the Alarm." This project checks home safety and installs smoke/fire alarms for free in homes across the country.
You can participate in this program from April 28 to May 13, 2018.

In support of the American Red Cross, who has undoubtedly stepped in to help our veterans, we are asking you (and your friends and family) to please volunteer by:
Visiting the American Red Cross website and entering your zip code
Find a Sound the Alarm event in your area and sign up to volunteer
Invite family and friends to volunteer with you
After this successful event with the American Red Cross, we look forward to establishing a more solid foundation for other campaigns that we can help with, including:
Helping at blood drives
Supporting conventions at local levels
Helping put together comfort kits/care packages to send out
Going into schools and presenting the Pillowcase Project, an emergency preparedness initiative
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email us at
Thank you in advance for your time and support helping us enhance this incredible new partnership with the American Red Cross. We all look forward to a very successful partnership!

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