Recumbents are the bike of choice for those with full use of their body but may have a severe balance issue, have severe back or arm/shoulder issues preventing them from using their core to hold up their upper body on an upright, or for those with below and above the knee amputations who need to build leg strength before switching to an upright bike.

Recumbents are one of the simplest bikes to set up because as long as the boom length (pedals) is correct, and the rider can reach the handles, they can ride.

The handlebars, boom, and on some models of recumbents, the seat angle are adjustable.  Please note that as the boom length is changed, the chain length is also likely to require adjustment.

In a lot of cases, riders on a recumbent transfer to an upright bike very quickly as the pedaling motion is almost the same as an upright, so once the strength has been built up, there is nothing stopping them.

The Catrike series of recumbents are the best quality for Ride 2 Recovery’s needs because they are the easiest bikes to adapt.

We mainly use the Catrike 700 model as it has a 700c rear wheel creating a smoother ride, has fast acceleration, and is extremely light.

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