Hero of the Week- April Lage

June 28, 2019

April Lage joined the BAMC/ San Antonio HUB a few years back while her husband, Mike Lage was the NCO of the WTB Adaptive Sports Clinic. April had a number of injuries from her time in service and she was quite happy to be able to ride a bike with the men and women that were in rehab at the WTB. April has always been a huge cheerleader for the members of the BAMC HUB and in every event that she was a participant in. She has undergone a few more surgeries in the past couple of years that have kept her off the bike but April has always been there at the start of the rides to cheer folks on as they leave for a ride and is there with a big HUG and SMILE as riders return. Cheers to a speedy recovery and a special congratulations on your newest addition to your family with your grandson. 

What is your hometown and military service history?
I was naturally born in Tifton, Georgia but my hometown of graduation and military service entrance is Watertown, Wisconsin.

What is your favorite Project Hero memory?
My favorite Project Hero memory is my very first Challenge...nothing but perseverance, down right stubbornness and good camaraderie could get you through Gulf Coast strong winds, torrential rains and cold temperatures. I vomited over handle bars, helped others who hurt just as I did, traded stories and resources; laughs and groans; argued with my inner PTSD demons, cycled my first century and cried overwhelming relief and happiness at the end of 500 miles.

How did you get involved with Project Hero?
I knew about Project Hero because my husband was the Adaptive Sports Coordinator at BAMC, Fort Sam Houston and he cycles. I began cycling with the weekly adaptive therapy rides there and eventually was invited to do a challenge by the Project Hero Rep. That was around 2015.

What is your message to our healing heroes?
To all my the healing heroes, go find your freedom and joy; whatever it is that makes you rejoin life. It took me a while to get that! Once we become 'altered' and changed from what we were before, thru the struggles, you have to strive to find what connects you with feeling free and joyful again.

What is it about cycling that you love most?
My injuries hold me back from doing many things but alone on my bike; wrapped in nature's serenity; free from injury aggravations....that's a wonderful feeling of being free and it's pure joy!

What is your message to the Project Hero family?
Thank you so much to my special Project Hero family members! There is strength in unity. When you have been through trauma and injury; wounds and severe pain....a shoulder, an ear, a challenge and a bike keeps me; keeps us all, on the road ahead. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

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