Hero of the Week: Steve Gray


Steve Gray


Branch:  US Coast Guard


Hometown: Excelsior Springs, MO


What HUB are you attached to: Ft. Smith


Favorite sports team: KC Chiefs


How did you learn about Project Hero:  Bought a jersey online with US Coast Guard on it and it had R2R on it and I had no idea what it stood for. 2016, my family was visiting Colonial Williamsburg and saw a bunch of cyclists come down the Main Street wearing the same R2R logos. A year later I would ride the same ride. The rest is history and my life at the age of 53 would change forever.


When did you start cycling? July 2015.


Other than cycling, what's your favorite past time:  Traveling and family time.


What'd you eat for breakfast: Ham, cheese, mushroom omelette with hash browns and wheat toast.


What's the last song you heard on the radio:  Hold on Loosely by 38 Special.


Favorite color:  green


Favorite food:  Fried Chicken and Chinese Food.


Would you rather ride uphill in the wind or downhill in the rain: Uphill, wind


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go: Maui


What's your preference, Recumbent, Upright, or motorized bike? Upright


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