Hero of the Week: Chris Miller

In celebration of our 10th anniversary and the courageous Healing Heroes of Project Hero, HEROES new Hero of The Week feature recognizes some of the great work done by America’s Finest and communities throughout the nation.

Chris Miller
US Navy
Hometown: Bradenton, FL

Favorite sports team: Tampa Bay Lightning 

How did you learn about Project Hero: I met fellow veteran and Project Hero rider Maharanie Joseph at a local cycling club ride 

When did you start cycling? 2 1/2 Years ago...I got my first road bike for my 50th birthday! 

Other than cycling, what's your favorite past time:  I love to cook

What'd you eat for breakfast today: Greek yogurt 

What's the last song you heard on the radio: Thunder by Imagine Dragons 

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite food: fried chicken 

Would you rather ride uphill in the wind or downhill in the rain: Uphill in the wind

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go: I hear Denmark is really nice! 

What's your preference, recumbent, upright, or motorized bike?  Upright

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