HERO of the Week- Javier Romo

Javier Romo


Bend, OR

What HUB are you attached to: West Region

HUB: West Region

Favorite sports team: Dodgers 

How did you learn about Project Hero: John Morlock

When did you start cycling? I rode a BMX as a young child and started road biking in my teens. Life took me away from pedaling and I took up riding again in about 2013

Other than cycling, what's your favorite past time: Wrestling, submission grappling, running and hiking

What'd you eat for breakfast today: Over easy eggs on sauteed veggies and steak cubes  

What's the last song you heard on the radio: The National - About Today

Favorite color: Red 

Favorite food:  I'm an equal opportunity food lover.

Would you rather ride uphill in the wind or downhill in the rain: Uphill, in the wind, pushing

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go:
What's your preference, Recumbent, Upright, or motorized bike? upright


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