With a handful of riders, a borrowed recumbent bike and one hand-cycle the Project Hero Las Vegas hub was established in the spring of 2015.  With the help of local volunteers and a partnership with the City of Las Vegas and the VA, we have access to more than 10 upright bikes, 5 hand-cycles, and 10 recumbents.  The weekly Saturday rides are held in partnership with local Project Hero community HUB and the VA rec therapy department. There have also added 2 rides a week for vets new to cycling.  This year, the combined Las Vegas HUB have had over 50 new riders participate in the program.  

With the progression of riders, the HUB now offers different levels of rides.  This accommodates those riders with more experience.   Several of our riders have participated in Project Hero Challenge rides.   Their positive experiences have inspired our other riders to work toward that goal. The Saturday rides, typically have over 20 riders hit the streets for the beginner ride and an additional 10 to 15 ride for the advanced ride.   Future plans for the Las Vegas HUB are to bring more first responders into the program and participate in local rides put on by the different bike shops.   They also are looking into adding a mountain bike ride that will allow others to be familiar with our mission.  The HUB will again be involved in the annual Las Vegas Honor Ride held on Veterans Day weekend.  Every year the Las Vegas Honor Ride has continued to grow, with over 700 riders participating last year.   One of the highlights is to ride on the fabulous Las Vegas strip escorted by local enforcement and fire departments.  Registration for the Las Vegas Honor Ride is opening soon! Please keep an eye out and mark your calendars for November 9th!

Project Hero Partners — Who make it all possible