Hope Your Road Is A Long One- A year of travel

May 19, 2019

Retired Navy Lieutenant Commander Mark Gutierrez is riding solo 5000+-miles across the country to benefit veterans and first responders of Project Hero. Gutierrez served almost 12 years in the Navy with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and was deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan.  While serving his last duty station, he began to experience complications from combat-related injuries that included black outs, lack of sleep and problems with daily functioning.  Mark began taking part in Project Hero’s Walter Reed HUB therapy programs in 2017. He is an expert cyclist who has ridden many small tours, but this is his first time riding coast to coast. 

Mark's trek will take him into the Midwest including Kansas City and the Pacific Northwest, where he will ride through Oregon. He is planning to arrive in San Diego to complete his journey in November. His exact daily mileage and location are based on the travel and experiences of the day. 


Mark has made his way to Tennessee! Along his travels, he's come across some pretty unique places, like Wilson County. 

" After my longest day in the saddle, I rode into Lebanon, TN ready to eat and sleep.  A lazy pedal should have carried me to Main St, but an eternal flame to my left caught my eye.  I came to a slow and walked my bike across the street to the Wilson County Veteran Museum.  
   Throughout my travels, I have stumbled upon some very touching dedications in small towns, usually located at a local church, but nothing came close to Wilson County’s.  The quality and emotion captured in its memorial to fallen veterans is peerless—even to those in DC.  It forces the passerby to address the loss the town has experienced over decades and take a moment to say thank you for those who gave their lives for something bigger than themselves. " - Mark 


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