Hero of the Week: Velette Britt

In celebration of our 10th anniversary and the courageous Healing Heroes of Project Hero, HEROES new Hero of The Week feature recognizes some of the great work done by America’s Finest and communities throughout the nation. 

Maharanie Gxsr

U.S. Air Force

Hometown: Idaho Springs, ID

HUB: The Velette HUB AKA Fort Carson


Favorite sports team: Team Drapac-Cannondale


How did you learn about Project Hero: Top Gun!?!?!!! Crouse?


When did you start cycling? 2015


Other than cycling, what's your favorite past time:  imgur.com


What'd you eat for breakfast today: Whey-protein Isolate coffee, washed down with a delicious Ricola cough drop


What's the last song you heard on the radio: Periphery III- "Flat line"


Favorite color: Skittles


Favorite color: Tacos for life


Would you rather ride uphill in the wind or downhill in the rain: Uphill in the wind


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Germany because beers and bicycles


What's your preference, recumbent, upright, or motorized bike?  Handcycle mafia for life

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