HERO of the Week: Omar Duran

OMAR DURAN  (“Flips”)

Branch: US Army (Ret)
Hometown: Aufman, Texas
HUB: PH-Florida (Pinellas)

Favorite sports team: All Sports! Because they promote good health and show one’s personal journey to what he or she has worked all their life to succeed at!

How did you learn about Project Hero: I was a wounded patient at Walter Reed and at end of my mind; about to end my life within days and Ray Clark / Ann Williams found me in the middle of the hospital walking by their table and convinced me to start riding with Ray and they never let me out their site to this day (both of them).


When did you start cycling? 2012 and then off and on since then (only because of surgeries and healing time).

Other than cycling, what's your favorite past time: CARS!!!!!!! I absolutely love Cars!

What'd you eat for breakfast today:  Cheerio’s with bananas and milk

What's the last song you heard on the radio: Fuel: Shimmer

Favorite color: Blue/Red mostly

Favorite food: Pasta is life! (Fat kid problems I know lol)

Would you rather ride uphill in the wind or downhill in the rain: Downhill only because I believe natural rain is the Lord’s way of washing the earth! (Makes me feel connected)

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go: Australia is where my Heart and Soul live! (Besides Texas)

What's your preference, Recumbent, Upright, or motorized bike? Handcycle all day long! (Makes my soul happy!)

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