Bike for the Brave

Recent high school graduate Steven Blackwell of Tracy, California, is biking cross-country to honor Veterans and First Responders and to raise funds for Project Hero.  His 4,000+ mile “Bike for the Brave” initiative took off on June 10 when he headed east. At the completion of his journey in July, Steven will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

In 2013, Blackwell witnessed a fatal accident involving an eighteen-wheeler and a cyclist. It took him a lot of time to process the event.  After losing another fellow cyclist to a tragic accident, he realized that if that experience was challenging for him to process, he could not imagine the barriers our Veterans and First Responders hurdle on a daily basis.
“Although I lack the degrees necessary to carry out their occupational duties, I have been gifted with the legs, heart and determination to support this organization that offers these brave men and women effective methods of coping and treatment,” said Blackwell. 

Learn more about Steven’s journey on Instagram @steven_blackwell10

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