A Dog Named Beautiful

Ride 2 Recovery alum Rob Kugler tells a story about his journey of healing.

A Dog Named Beautiful is about Marine combat Veteran Rob Kugler and his three-legged chocolate lab, Bella. Rob is an inspiration to us all when he shares his journey of hope and recovery. Rob, a Project Hero family member since 2010, has been on many Challenges throughout the years with Bella. To Project Hero, dogs are family members, so when Rob found out Bella had cancer, he made sure she lived the rest of her days memorably and full of adventure. Little did Rob know of the impact that Bella would have on his own journey of healing. Rob and Bella crisscrossed the country meeting remarkable people and embracing life along the way. We can all relate to the stories and experiences of Rob and Bella and we’re happy to be a small part of this inspiring journey.  

Rob’s book is available now in bookstores across the country, on amazon.com in hardcopy and audiobook format. Use the QR code to see more photos of Bella & Rob,  order a signed copy of A Dog Named Beautiful, and connect with Rob on social media.

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