2019 Hoodoo 300 & 500

Generally speaking, riders follow the 1st 140 and the last 170 miles of the Hoodoo 500 route – starting in St. George, and traveling through Hurricane, Colorado City, Kanab, Carmel Junction, Panguitch, Cedar City and back to St. George. It’s a loop course on wonderful, well-maintained, quiet roads with little traffic and breath-taking scenery. 27 hour time limit.
The Hoodoo 300 is the perfect introduction to ultra distance cycling. Challenge yourself beyond a double century. Learn to work with a crew; or fend for yourself in remote locations. Meet the 500 riders. Ask them questions, hear their stories, get inspired. Join the fun. It’s a great event on a great route surrounded by the most wonderful group of new friends you didn’t know you had.
The route is a perfect loop, starting and finishing at the race headquarters, the Best Western Abbey Inn in beautiful St. George, Utah. Same logistics, covers the same route (but not ALL of it, obviously), same super-friendly relay team rules as the Hoodoo 500. Your ride. Your strategy.
Our event headquarters is a nice, clean, roomy, modern and very reasonably priced hotel. Rider check in, meeting, start and finish lines, and after party/banquet are all in one central location.
St. George is about ninety minutes from Las Vegas and only a five to six hour drive from most of southern California. You can fly directly to St. George or take an inexpensive shuttle from Las Vegas. Rental vehicles are readily available in either location.
The Route:
Not a single inch of the route is repeated. The scenery is amazing. Other than the very short stretches of road getting in and out of St. George and Cedar City, traffic on most of the route is virtually non-existent. There are only a handful of traffic lights and stop signs, and zero urban blight.
Road conditions are stellar! Utah takes wonderful care of their roads and highways. Generally speaking, the pavement is smooth, without potholes or expansion gaps or long stretches of rough road where cracks have been filled in but remain bumpy and uneven. The roads are virtually litter and glass free!
Event Format:
Relay teams choose their own strategies. There are few restrictions on when or how often riders may exchange. A team may have one or both riders on the course at the same time, in a paceline. It’s a ton of fun! Looking for teammates? Post a message on the Hoodoo 500 Facebook Page. Be sure and include your contact info.


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