2018 Gran Fondo Events

Event Information

National Gran Fondo Series, a part of the partnership with Haute Route, the most prestigious multi-day event series for amateur cycling worldwide has partnered with Project Hero to offer athletes an amazing experience into competition styled events, is offering Project Hero athletes a limited number of free entries for single day events. 

To register for these events, follow the link and registration process below.  If selected for the event, you will receive an invitation including the code from the free entry and hotel accommodation (hotels only for multi-day events).  Selected riders will then register, using the provided code on the Haute Route website.

Upcoming Events: 

  • Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo

Location: Helen, Georgia
Date: May 5-6

Past Event 


  • Highlands Gran Fondo 
Location: Butler, New Jersey
Date: June 3
Past Event 


  • Gran Fondo Asheville 
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Date: July 22
Past Event 


  • Boone Gran Fondo
Location: Boone, North Carolina
Date: August 4-5
Past Event 


  • Golden Gran Fondo 
Location: Golden, Colorado
Date: August 26
Past Event 
  • Gran Fondo Maryland
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Date: September 23

  • Gran Fondo Jensie
Location: Novato, California
Date: September 29


One-day National Gran Fondo Series Event FAQ’s:
Q: Is travel provided to the event?
A: Travel for these events is on your own. 
Q: Are hotel accommodations provided for the event?
A:  If traveling to the event you will need to set up your own accomodations.
Q: Are meals provided?
A:  Food is on your own.
Q: Are bikes provided if I need one?
A: You will need to bring your own bike in good working condition.
Q: Do I need to register?
A: Yes, you will register on the Project HERO website. If selected for the event, you will get your free entry code.
Q: How much does the event cost?
A: If selected to participate as a Project Hero particpant in the event, you will receive a free entry code to be used when registering on the National Gran Fondo Series’s website.
Q: What bibs and jersey do I wear for the event?
A: You can wear any cycling bibs/jersey, however we prefer that you wear a Project HERO cycling kit if one is owned.
Q: Will I receive a kit for this event?
A: No, plan accordingly for the event and bring cycling clothing suited for the weather.
Q: Is support offered during the ride?
A: The National Gran Fondo Series does offer both (limited) mechanical and nutritional support during the ride at rest stops.  You should plan to bring your own on bike nutrition and a working bike as mechanical and nutritional support may vary between events. 
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You should plan to bring all items you would normally carry on a self-supported ride or event.
An example list would be:
·       Bike (in good working condition)
·       Helmet
·       Cycling kit (bibs/jersey), shoes
·       Weather appropriate clothing (rain, cold, sun etc.)
·       Sunscreen
·       Nutritional items
·       Water bottles
·       Spare tubes
·       Mini air pump or Co2
·       Multi tool




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