Project Hero’s research is essential to the effectiveness Project Hero programs.

By taking part in the program, you will help us gather data that is crucial to our important research studies that support healing heroes.

Please register with us by providing your information below. 

If you are a veteran or first responder, we require that you register with us to participate in any Project Hero programs, including our Honor Ride, Challenge Series and Special Events and any community-based Project Hero HUB programs. 

As a veteran or first responder, once you register, you will be connected to a survey that will provide information vital to our ability to successfully achieve our mission to deliver the most effective support possible for those who serve and have served.

If you have already registered with us, you will receive an email with a link that will connect you directly to the survey.  If you are in our system, but have not received an email inviting you to take the survey, then please register below and take the survey as directed.

If you are not a veteran or first responder but would like to be added to our database to receive our email communications, you may still register at the link below.  You will not gain access to take the research survey but you will be added to our system.

All information will be kept confidential and any information we share will be provided on an anonymous basis exclusively as part of our research partnership exclusively with the Veterans Administration.

Thank you for your support for the Project Hero research program.

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