As we continue to improve and elevate Project Hero, we wanted to share a #WeAreProjectHero story.

Mark's Story

For years I struggled with major depression, PTSD, and physical injuries that led me to the brink of suicide time and again. Along came Project Hero and the 2017 California Challenge. The experience was transformative. By the end of the week, I was sleeping better. The medications I had been prescribed left me incapable of caring about anything and induced unconsciousness each night. The side effects caused my teeth to rot, my weight to skyrocket and I still had nightmares. I used the strength I had gained during the Challenge to quit my medications. Now, cycling with Project Hero allows me to sleep at night and face every day with purpose.

--Mark Weidhase, Navy Veteran












We thank Mark for sharing his incredible journey, and want to know: What's your story? Whether it's similar to Mark's or very unique, we'd love to hear how you've overcome obstacles on your own personal path. If you're comfortable doing so, please share your story with us.  

If you know of veterans or first responders who might benefit from joining the Project Hero community, please invite them to join us by either forwarding this email to them, sharing our website, or inviting them to join a group ride near you.

Our doors are always open to all veterans and first responders. 


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